Student Center Help

These step by step guides are designed to help you learn how to use the Student Center. Once inside the Student Center you can always return to this page by clicking on the "Student Center Help" link.


Basic Navigation

Add/Update Personal Information in Student Center [pdf]
Updating your personal information is a quick process and occurs right in the Student Center. To complete this process please follow the steps below. Remember, not only is having an emergency contact on file important, it is required if plan on taking part in an HSU field trip.

Field Trip Waiver Forms

How to Complete the Field Trip Authorization Waiver in the Student Center [pdf]
Students over the age of 18 can now complete the "CSU Waiver of Liability Form" in the Student Center. This is a required form for students who take part in HSU sponsored field trips.

CSU Waiver of Liability for Students Under 18 Years of Age (Paper Form) [pdf]
A student who is under the age of 18 must complete and have his/her legal guardian sign the paper field trip authorization form. The completed form must be returned to the sponsoring academic department prior to departure.

Financial Aid

Access Your Online Financial Aid Awards


Accept an Incomplete Contract [pdf]

Add a Class [pdf]

Add a Class using a Permission Number [pdf]

Apply to Graduate

Change Grade Mode [pdf]

Check your Enrollment Dates [pdf]

Check your repeat/withdrawal units

Contact your Advisor [pdf]

Drop a Class [pdf]

Enroll in Classes (Classes in Shopping Cart)

Enroll in CSU Fully Online

How to Use Wait List

Order Textbooks Online [pdf]

Make an Electronic Payment for Transcripts

View Your Final Exam Schedule

View Your Weekly Class Schedule [pdf]

View Your Unofficial Transcript


DARS Plans [pdf]
DARS Plans allows you to plan your roadmap to graduation at HSU, including the ability to see how many semesters it will take to complete your degree requirements, planned course rotations and help with identifying possible pre-requisite issues ahead of time.

DARS Schedules

DARS Schedules uses the classes you added to your DARS Degree Plan and your time preferences to auto-generate every possible schedule combination available. You can select the perfect schedule that accommodates your personal and professional life. You can also use the Create Your Own feature if you don't want to use auto-generate or want to include closed classes.

Run a DARS Interactive Audit [pdf]
Your DARS Interactive Audit allows you to view a graphical representation of your progress towards degree completion, including the ability to see missing/incomplete/complete subject requirements.

  • Please visit the Student Financial Services website for the most up to date information regarding fees at HSU.
  • The Student Center will be down for routine maintenance every Wednesday from 6:00pm-10:00pm. For more information click here.


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