Create Your Own

class schedule using DARS Schedules

If you prefer not to use the "auto-generate" feature, you can create your own schedule

For example,  if you want to explore full classes, you will want to create your own schedule.
(Auto-generate will not generate schedules for full classes at this time.)

Step 1 - Click on the calendar icon to push the classes you plan on taking into DARS Schedules . Hint: The semester needs to be open to see the calendar icon. Click the toggle arrow to open.

DARS Plans schedules icon

Step 2 - Click the "Create Your Own" button. (Optional: If you did not push your classes from your DARS plan, you can click on "Classes" to add additional classes now.)

Schedules Create your own

Step 3 - Select a class from the drop-down menu options. (The list is populated when you push your classes from your DARS plan into Schedules.)

Schedules Create your own

Step 4 - After you make a class selection, the table below populates with different available sections of the selected course. Click on the plus sign "+" to add an available course section to your schedule or on "full" to use  wait list. Click on the more information "i" to view the full section details.

view sections table

Sections columns include:

  • Class: color coded course number
  • Section: section number of the course
  • Title: course title
  • Time: start and end times of the course section
  • Day: day/days of the week the course meets (TH=Tuesdays/Thursdays; H=Thursdays)
  • More information: full section details, including wait list information
  • Delete: click the "X" to remove this section


Step 5 -  Each added section is placed on your schedule (displayed on calendar and in a list below the calendar).

Step 6 - Click the "Finished Editing Section" button to return to the schedules page.

class section displays on schedule

Step 7 - Your newly created schedule defaults to a "backup schedule" unless you do not have any other schedules.  You can rename your schedule or leave the default name, but it must be your primary schedule to add it to your shopping cart. If needed, click on the "Make Primary"  button.

make it primary

Step 8 - Click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button to push your schedule from DARS Schedules into your Student Center Shopping Cart.

class schedule

After you pushed classes into your Student Center Shopping Cart and/or registered for other classes you can update your DARS Schedules with these classes by selecting the Sync w/ Student Cntr button

You will be redirected to your Student Center Shopping Cart.

Important: This is the last step in DARS Schedules, but you are not registered for classes. See Enroll in classes for the next steps in the process.