Final Exam Schedule

New Fall 2019

In response to student, faculty, and staff requests, starting Fall 2019, personalized final exam schedules will be available in your Student Center. This new Student Center feature will:

  • Provide you with final exam times for your classes at the time of registration,

  • Make final exam calendar view available directly in your Student Center.

  • Allow you to plan your end of semester travel in advance,

  • Eliminate the need to interpret the final exam matrix,

Below you will find information on how to find your Fall 2019 exams schedule in your Student Center. Any additional questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of the Registrar (707) 826-4101 or

How to view your final exam schedule.

Once you have registered for Fall 2019 classes,

Step 1: Go to Student Center

Step 2: Select Exam Schedule in the “other academic...” drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click the Go button (double-arrows).

other academic drop down box

Step 4: Select the term (Fall 2019 or later)
Step 5: Click the Continue button.
My Class Schedule - Select a term

Step 6: Your final exams will appear in a List View (default display).
final exam in list view

Step 7: For a calendar display, select the Weekly Calendar View button.
Step 8: Set "Show Week of" calendar field to navigate to the finals week. Click the Refresh Calendar button to see your finals.
final exam schedule in calendar view