Schedule Planner

Preparing to use Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a planning tool only. The tool does not recognize enrollment requirements, such as prerequisite courses, class standing, instructor consent (permission number needed), as it generates schedules. If a course is affected by any of these enrollment requirements, you may receive an error message when you attempt to complete your enrollment in Student Center.  Use DARS Degree Planner first and avoid surprises.

We recommend that you import classes from DARS Degree Planner into Schedule Planner to save time and energy. Before you get started with Schedule Planner, go to DARS Degree Planner to review your starred degree plan for next semester and make changes as needed.

Getting Started

Login to myHumboldt

Under Quick Links, click on View Degree Audit & Plans

Click the Plans tab and review your starred plan.

When finished, click Enroll in Courses using Student Center (located in the upper right corner) to get to Student Center.

DARS Enroll in Courses using Student Center

(Optional) Login to myHumboldt. Click on the Student Center button

Step 1: Click the Schedule Planner link.

Student Center Academics Section

Step 2: Click the Open Schedule Planner button. Schedule Planner will open in a new window.

Open Schedule Planner button

Step 3: Click the + Add Course button.

Schedule Planner window

Step 4: Go to the My Planner tab. Check the box to Select All planned courses.

Step 5: Click the + Add Course button. You may also add courses that are not in your degree plan. To search for other courses select the “By Subject” or “Search by Course Attribute” tabs.

Step 6: When finished adding courses, click the  < Back button.

Add Course window

Step 7: Add breaks (optional). You can add breaks if there are times during the day that you do not wish to take classes. Click the + Add Break button. If you don't wish to add a break skip to Step 9.

Add Breaks button

Step 8: Enter your break information in the Add New Break window. Click the Add Break button to save your break information.

Break Information window

Step 9: Verify that the courses you want are checked and that your breaks are listed (if applicable).

Step 10: Click on the Generate Schedules button.

Generate Schedules button

Step 11: Depending on the courses and break times you requested a list of schedule options will be generated or you will see suggestions for changing your choices in order to generate schedules.

Schedule Planner window

If you are willing to wait list classes, you can change the course status search option from Open Classes Only to Open & Full w/Wait List Open to see if that allows more schedules to be generated.

Schedule Planner window

Step 12: From the list of generated schedules, you may view a pop-up weekly schedule by hovering the mouse over the magnifying glass icon. Click on View to see how many seats are available, the instructor of the course, and more. Using the top menu you can print or email a schedule.  

View Schedule Details

Step 13: If this is the schedule you want, click the Send to Shopping Cart button.

Schedule Planner: Send to Shopping Cart

Step 14: Look for a message that your schedule is ready to be imported.

Message - Your schedule is now ready to be imported.

Step 14a: Open the browser window with Student Center. Click on Enroll.

Student Center Academics Section

Step 15: Click on the Import Cart button.

Import to Cart

Step 16: Click the Next button for each course to add it to your Shopping Cart.

Add Classes window

Step 17: When all the courses are in your Shopping Cart, click on Proceed to Step 2 of 3.

Add Classes window

Step 18: Confirm your class choices. Click on the Finish Enrolling button.

Finish Enrolling button

Step 19: Check for green "checks" in the status column indicating successful enrollment. If you see a red X read the error message.