How to Update your Personal Information (Using App)

Step 1: Open the myHumboldt app. 

Step 2: Select Student Center. When the signin screen opens, enter your username and password. (TIP: Signin is slow)

myHumboldt Mobile App Home

 Step 3: Select Personal Information

Personal Information is located in the second row of icons.

 Step 4: Select the information you want to change (TIP: The options are highlighted and underlined)

Contact Information: Current (Mailing), Permanent (Home), phone and email address


Step 5: The Edit window will open for the type of change you select. Use the Edit button to change existing information or the "Add a new" button keep the existing information and add another entry.

Student Center Personal Information Edit Screen

Step 6: Enter your information.
Step 7: Select type. For example, an address change will include options for the address type. (TIP: Your diploma will be sent to the Home address listed.)
Step 8: Select the date your change will be effective (default date is today).
Step 9: Save
Student Center Personal Information Save Screen

Step 10: Confirm your change 
Step 11: You will see "The Save was successful." Select OK to return to the Edit screen. You can make more changes if needed.
Student Center Personal Information Save Confirmation