DARS Schedules

DARS Schedules takes the classes you added to your degree plan and generates potential schedules. Choose the schedule that fits your personal and professional life.

Hint: If you haven't created your plan for next semester, use the  DARS Degree Planner Guide to help you build your four year path to graduation.

Already created your DARS Degree Plan for next semester  -  Great!
You're ready to use DARS Schedules.

Step 1: Click on the calendar icon to push the classes you plan on taking into DARS Schedules . Hint: The semester needs to be open to see the calendar icon. Click the toggle arrow to open.

calendar icon

Step 2: On the Schedule Courses pop-up click the Yes button to confirm that you want to schedule all planned classes for the semester.

.schedule course pop-up menu

Step 3: You will see a message letting you know that the courses have been added to your cart. Click on the Busy Times button if you have times when you are NOT able to be in classes.

Add busy times window

Step 4: Click on the  Add Busy Times button to enter the times and days when you are NOT available to be in classes, such as work hours or a break for lunch. Hint: Click on save if you need to add another busy time.

Step 5: Click the Finished Adding Busy Times button when you are done entering information.

Busy Times information window

Step 6: Click the Schedules button.

Step 7: Click the Auto-Generate button.

Step 8: To create schedule options now, click on Skip this step.

Hint: You have the option to add preferences, such as the times/days you want to be in class, preferred instructors, inclusion of classes with no open seats, and more. Learn how to add preferences to your DARS Scheduler.

shows location of "skip this step"

Step 9: Decide how many schedules you want DARS Scheduler to generate for your review. Click the Generate Schedules button.

Auto-Generate Schedules window

Step 10: Review the schedules to make sure you see all your classes. Hint: "Hidden" indicates courses do not have set days and times, such as courses taught online.

schedule view details button

Step 11:  Click on the View Details button to see more information.

Hint: If there is a class section you definitely want to take, click the lock icon. You can later generate other schedules around your locked class sections.Schedule details

Save your primary schedule.

Step 12: When you find the best schedule, click on the Save button.

save button

Step 13: You will see the Save Schedule pop-up window. Give your schedule a name, check the Make Primary Schedule checkbox and click on the Save button.

Name your schedule and save

 Step 14: If you are on the schedule details view, click the return button to go back to the schedules page. Click on the  Finished Auto-Generating Schedules button at the top of the page.

Finished Auto-Generating Schedules button

Push you primary schedule into Student Center

Step 15: ONLY classes in your Primary Schedule can be added to your Student Center Shopping Cart (where you will complete your registration). Make sure that your preferred schedule appears in the Primary Schedule section as shown below.

Note: If you change your mind and decide to go with one of your backup schedules, click on the name of the backup schedule. The schedule details will display. Click the Make Primary button.

Scheduler: Add to Shopping Cart button

Step 16: Click the Add to Shopping Cart button to push your schedule from DARS Schedules into your Student Center Shopping Cart.

Step 17: After you pushed classes into your Student Center Shopping Cart and/or registered for other classes you can update your DARS Schedules with these classes by selecting the Sync w/ Student Cntr button

You will be redirected to your Student Center Shopping Cart.

Important: This is the last step in DARS Schedules, but you are not registered for classes. See Enroll in classes for the next steps in the process.